Certainty in sitting hours in the District Court

Fri Feb 27 2015

On 10 November 2014 President Jane Needham SC wrote to Justice D Price AM, chief judge of the District Court, in relation to predictability of sitting hours for those with carer's responsibilities.

Justice Price responded that:

  • The parties be notified at the earliest possible time of a proposal to commence proceedings any time before 9.30am or to sit beyond 4.30pm.

  • If possible, 24 hours notice be given of a proposal for an early start date and notice of extended sitting hours be given no later than prior to the luncheon adjournment on the day it is proposed to sit the extended hours.

  • In considering whether or not to set extended hours, it is relevant to consider the family or other carer responsibilities of the practitioner.

  • The suggestions listed above are for guidance only, and are not binding on the judges.

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