LCA Equitable Briefing Policy Annual Report for 2017-18

Mon Oct 21 2019

The Law Council has recently published its Equitable Briefing Policy Annual Report for 2017-18. The ultimate aim of the Equitable Briefing Policy is for female barristers to be briefed in at least 30% of all matters and to receive at least 30% of the value of all brief fees by 2020. The report for 2017-2018 shows there has been some encouraging progress but more to be done to achieve those targets.

In 2017-2018 financial year:

  • Female barristers received about 25% by number and 17% by value (fee revenue) of the 23,170 briefs reported by briefing entities. In other words, as a group, male barristers received approximately three times as many briefs and five times the value in brief fees as their female counterparts from entities who signed up to the Equitable Briefing Policy and submitted reports for the 2017-2018 year.

  • Female junior barristers received 30% of total number of briefs to junior barristers from reporting entities – up from 28% the previous year.

  • Female senior barristers received 16% of the total number of briefs to senior barristers from reporting entities – an improvement on the previous year but less than the 20% interim target for 2017-2018 set when the policy was introduced in 2016.

To find out more or sign up to the Equitable Briefing Policy, please click here.

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