Experienced Barristers Program

Wed Oct 16 2019
Diversity and equality

On 1 October 2019, the Wellbeing Committee launched its Experienced Barristers Program, tapping into the "wisdom of the 50-not-out club" (as reported by the Australian Financial Review on 4 October). Presently, 770 of the NSW Bar's 2400-odd members are over the age of 60 and 217 are over 70. As Mr Tim Game SC identified on the night, the Bar is a profession where we learn by example. With the wealth of collective wisdom available, maintaining age equality and diversity is an essential part of a healthy Bar.

The Diversity & Equality Committee endorses this initiative and invites you to help support the experienced members of the Bar and promote age equality in the profession. If your Chambers would like to get involved, please contact Ms Sarah McCarthy, member of the D&E and Wellbeing Committee, at

One of the projects for 2020 for this program will be assisting universities with their mooting competitions, by providing experienced barristers to assist with judging and advocacy training for students. If you know of any existing mooting competitions that could benefit from this assistance, please contact program coordinators Tim Castle of the Wellbeing Committee at or Chris Winslow at the Bar Association at

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