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Tue Nov 09 2010

The Bar Council has decided to review the totality of its education program. The Hon Kevin Lindgren QC has agreed to undertake this task and to provide a report to the council on the results. The bars of Victoria and Queensland have also carried out reviews of their educational programs in recent times. The review will be comprehensively covering all of the aspects of the educational activities of the bar.� These are:

1.�� �The mandatory examinations that precede the Bar Practice Course; 2.�� �The Bar Practice Course; 3.�� �All aspects of the Continuing Professional Development, including the regional conferences.

Some of the questions that Dr Lindgren will consider are:

1.�� �The Bar Examinations

  • Is the structure and content of the three examinations satisfactory?

  • Should the rules touching the availability of seen questions for some examinations be changed?

  • Should there be provision for "“feedback" to candidates who have not passed an examination?

2.�� �The Bar Practice Course and Reading Period

  • Is the current Bar Practice Course adequately preparing readers for their first few years of practice at the Bar

  • What should be the optimum size for the Bar Practice Course?

  • Should the role of the tutor be altered to ensure adequate supervision of all new barristers?

3.�� �Continuing Professional Development

  • Should there be some constraints on the content of lectures and seminars that are able to be counted towards satisfying the CPD requirements?

  • Is the present arrangement satisfactory under which the regional bars provide a large portion of the regional programs?

The issues set out above are only example of those that will be considered as part of the review.

With a view to achieving the greatest possible contribution from members of the bar, Dr Lindgren will make himself available in a room in the Bar Association offices from 4.30pm to 7.30pm on Thursday, 25 November 2010 and from 7.30am to 9.30am on Friday, 26 November 2010. If you would like to meet with him for a discussion, please telephone 9232 4055 to fix a precise time within the above periods.

Alternatively, you could write to him at or as follows:

The Hon Kevin Lindgren QC PO Box 1467 CHATSWOOD� NSW� 2057

If you wish, your identity will be kept confidential and not revealed in the report.

15 November 2010

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