Salvos Legal Inaugural Lecture

Wed Aug 11 2010

The Salvation Army is undertaking an exciting new initiative in Australia – Salvos Legal.� Salvos legal will operate as a full-time self sustaining legal service, dedicated to providing pro-bono advice and representation to those in need who cannot afford a lawyer, whilst at the same time offering holistic treatment for people suffering from addiction or those in need of financial counselling, pastoral support, emplolyment and aged care. Salvos Legal will soon hold the first in a new series of lectures, which will provide practitioners with the opportunity to hear from high calibre speakers (all of whom are current judicial officers), offering a great level of experience in their fields and will of course assist legal practitioners in meeting their CLE requirements.

Whilst the day will provide first class lectures from top judicial officers, they will also provide attendees with some insight into the work of both Salvos Legal and the wider Salvation Army and showcase the services that The Salvation Army has to offer.

The lectures are free, however the lecture series is primarily a fundraiser and donations from attendees would be greatly appreciated to aid in funding for the ongoing work of Salvos Legal. A donation of $100 or more per person for the full 5 hour day is suggested - we hope this isn't a large amount of money and equates to just $20 per hour for each of the 5 lectures.� All speakers have volunteered their time.� Every cent of the monies raised on the day will be used to pay for the salary of a free lawyer for the poor, within Salvos Legal.

11 August 2010

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