Cases selected for reporting in FCR by V Kline

Tue Aug 03 2010

The following cases were selected by V Kline for reporting in the FCR:

AA Shi Pty Ltd v Avbar Pty Ltd (No 3) [2010] FCA 440 Sainju v Minister for Immigration and Citizenship [2010] FCA 461 Primary Health Care Ltd v Commissioner of Taxation [2010] FCA 419 Silvia v Fea Carbon Pty Ltd [2010] FCA 515 Mercedes Holdings Pty Ltd v Waters (No 2) [2010] FCA 472 James v Western Australia [2010] FCAFC 77

Harbour Radio Pty Ltd v Australian Communications and Media Authority [2010] FCA 478 Sagacious Legal Pty Ltd v Westfarmers General Insurance Ltd (No 3) [2010] FCA 428 Strong Wise Ltd v Esso Australia Resources Pty Ltd (No 2) [2010] FCA 575 Commonwealth v Horsfall [2010] FCA 443 Fischer v Department of Families, Housing, Community Serices and Indigenous Affairs [2010] FCA 441 Kowalski v Chief Executive Officer of Medicare Australia �[2010] FCA 413 Coshott v Coshott [2010] FCA 300 Tran v Commonwealth [2010] FCAFC 80 Keller v LED Technologies Pty Ltd [2010] FCAFC 55 Zin Mon Aye v Minister for Immigration and Citizenship [2010] FCAFC 69 Huddleston v Aboriginal Land Commissioner [2010] FCAFC 66 SZOFE v Minister for Immigration and Citizenship [2010] FCAFC 79 Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union v John Holland Pty Ltd [2010] FCAFC 90 Australian Olive Holdings Pty Ltd v Huntley Management Ltd [2010] FCAFC 76 Stuart v Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union [2010] FCAFC 65 Stoddart v Boulton [2010] FCAFC 89 Egglishaw v Australian Crime Commission [2010] FCAFC 82 Minister for Home Affairs v Siam Polyethylene Co Ltd [2010] FCAFC 86 John Holland Group Pty Ltd v Robertson [2010] FCAFC 88 Coal and Allied Mining Services Pty Ltd v MacPherson� [2010] FCAFC 83

3 August 2010

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