Australian Government introduces new organised crime legislation

Wed Sep 16 2009

Attorney-General Robert McClelland has introduced into parliament the Crimes Legislation Amendment (Serious and Organised Crime) Bill (No. 2) 2009. The object of the Bill, as provided by the Explanatory Memorandum is to:

• strengthen criminal asset confiscation and anti-money laundering laws (Schedule 1 and Schedule 5, Part 2); • enhance search and seizure powers and the ability of law enforcement to access data from electronic equipment (Schedule 2); • improve the operation of the National Witness Protection Program, including by increasing protection for current and former participants and officers involved in its operation (Schedule 3); • introduce new offences that would target persons involved in organised crime, and facilitates greater access to telecommunications interception for the investigation of new serious and organised crime offences (Schedule 4); • improve the operation and accountability of the Australian Crime Commission (Schedule 7); • improve money laundering, bribery, and drug importation offences (Schedule 5, Part 1, and Schedules 8 and 9); and • make minor and consequential amendments to correct references to provisions dealing with the extension of criminal liability (Schedules 10 and 11).

The Parliamentary Library has also published a digest on the Bill.

16 September 2009

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