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Mon Oct 22 2007

The National Pro Bono Resource Centre is conducting a survey on the pro bono activities of barristers in New South Wales, being part of a national survey of all lawyers. The survey, endorsed by the Australian Bar Association, is being conducted by the National Pro Bono Resource Centre (NPBRC) and is able to be completed on line in approximately 10 minutes. Moreover, as a measure of our thanks for taking part in the survey,�six bottles of Wirra Wirra Church Block 2004 red wine will be given to the respondent in�New South Wales�who provides the best answer to the competition question: What is a collective noun for a group of pro bono lawyers?

NPBRC is an Australian Independent, non profit organization that encourages pro bono legal services and helps lawyers help the neediest of the needy. It is based in the UNSW Law Faculty and is conducting this national survey of lawyers and their pro bono activities in three parties in each state and territory: a survey of individual solicitors, law firms and barristers. � Information collected in these surveys will be published by the centre and available to each Bar association. It is proposed to hold these surveys every�two years so as to provide a longitudinal picture of pro bono activity. Further information about the project, such as the results of the initial survey in Qld may be found on the NPBRC web site. � Data collected in the survey will be used not only by the NPBRC but by the NSW Bar:

  • to provide information to the public about the great contribution barristers make to helping those in need;
  • to improve accessibility to pro bono services to those persons who need them;
  • to provide information to government about the pro bono contribution barristers make to help them to develop�policy and to set appropriate funding levels for legal aid services;
  • to raise the visibility amongst barristers of pro bono work and encourage others to participate; and
  • to identify barriers and constraints to delivery of pro bono legal services with a view to reducing these.

Complete the survey on the pro bono activities of barristers in New South Wales�>

If you would like to discuss the survey or have any questions about participation, please contact the Mr Alastair McConnachie at the Bar Association on (02) 9232 4055 or the Project Officer at the NPBRC, Olivia Wellesley-Cole on (02) 9385 7381

13 December 2007


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