New titles in the Bar Library

Wed Oct 17 2007

1.�Law of partnership in Australia / Keith L Fletcher, 9th ed, 2007, N267/FLE/2007 2.�Byles on bills of exchange and cheques / Nicholas Elliott, John Odgers, Jonathan Mark Phillips, 28th ed, 2007, N306.2/BYL/2007 3.�Regulation of international finance / Philip R Wood, 2007, C222/WOO/2007/R

4.�Annotated model rules of professional conduct / Center for Professional Responsibility, American Bar Association, 6th ed, 2007, L82/AME/2007 5.�Professional liability in Australia / Stephen Walmsley, Alister Abadee and Ben Zipser, 2nd ed, 2007, N33.33/WAL/2007 6.�Assessing damages in injuries and deaths of minor children / Thomas R Ireland and John O Ward, 2002, N37.1.G1/IRE/2002 7.�The trial lawyer : what it takes to win / David Berg, 2006, L93.G1/BER/2007 8.�Pleading for change : managing litigation by managing information / Christopher Enright, 2007, N381/ENR/2007 9.�The nine : inside the secret world of the Supreme Court / Jeffrey Toobin, 2007, L240.1.G1/TOO/2007 10.�The Mason papers : selected articles and speeches by Sir Anthony Mason / Anthony Mason ; Geoffrey Lindell (ed), 2007, M141.2/MAS/2007 11.�Advocacy training kit : the adversarial process / University of Western Sydney, Robert Hayes and Francine Feld, 2006, L93/UNI/2006 12.�Law of criminal attempt / Eugene Meehan and John N Currie, 2nd ed, 2000, M509/MEE/2000 13.�Law of administrators and receivers of companies / Gavin Lightman and Gabriel Moss, 4th ed, 2007, N312.4/LIG/2007 14.�Law and the human body : property rights, ownership and control / Rohan Hardcastle, 2007, N185.5/HAR/2007

17 October 2007

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