Amended Bar Council 2007 Election Results

Fri Nov 03 2006

Pursuant to Rule 11.8.3 of the Bar Association Constitution, I declare the following elected to the 2007 Bar Council:

Pursuant to Rule 11.8.1(a) (the 5 Senior Counsel who received the most votes)

Slattery QC, Michael Katzmann SC, Anna Toner SC, Robert Coles QC, Bernard Bathurst QC, Tom King SC, Larry Zahra SC, Peter Gleeson SC, Justin Garling SC, Peter

Pursuant to Rule 11.8.1(b) (the 3 members who have been practising as Local Practising Barristers for less than 5 years who have received the most votes)

Holz, Margaret Sharp, Naomi Francois, Rachel

Pursuant to Rule 11.8.1(c) (of the remaining candidates, the 13 members – of whom no more than 4 shall be Senior Counsel – who have received the most votes)

Khandhar, Paresh Traill, Kate McHugh, Michael Pepper, Rachel Cunneen, Margaret McGrath, Garry Healey, Anne Ash, David Lancaster, Richard

1031 valid or partially valid votes were counted.

Download the 2007 Bar Council election tally of ballot papers.

P.A. Selth Returning Officer

3 November 2006

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