State Insurance Regulatory Authority releases Guidance Note 25

Wed Aug 30 2017

The Permanent Impairment Guidelines Interpretation Group (PI-GIG) was formed in November 2008 to provide expert and considered advice on any anomalies in the NSW Motor Accidents CTP scheme Permanent Impairment Guidelines and AMA4 Guides.

One of the roles of the PI-GIG is to develop guidance notes to clarify or outline the clinically preferred interpretation of existing guideline provisions for any anomalies, areas which are open to interpretation, or have the potential for inconsistent assessments .

Guidance Notes developed by the PI-GIG will in no way contradict the existing provisions of the NSW Motor Accidents CTP scheme Permanent Impairment Guidelines or AMA4 Guides, but may provide a clinically preferred method of interpretation in circumstances where:

  • Existing provisions are ambiguous
  • Existing provisions do not cover a particular condition
  • Existing provisions are contradictory
  • Existing provisions require definition or clarification

The following new Guidance Note is available for use by Medical Assessors: Guidance Note 25 - Approach to Using Tables 40 to 45 When Assessing Lower Extremity

The guidance notes are to be used by medical assessors when assessing the degree of permanent impairment under the NSW CTP scheme.

The guidance notes can be found on the SIRA website

Should you wish to provide comment or have any queries on any of the Guidance Notes please forward your email to

Responses will be collated for a period of six months following the date of launch of the Guidance Note and presented to the Permanent Impairment Guidelines Interpretation Group for further consideration.

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