Legal Aid NSW Complex Criminal Law Barrister Panel

Wed Sep 27 2017

The Legal Aid NSW Complex Criminal Law Barrister Panel (formerly known as the Specialist Barrister Panel (Complex Criminal Law) is open for applications by new applicants and panel barristers seeking reappointment. Applications must be submitted by Wednesday, 11 October 2017. The panel is open to junior counsel only.

Appointments to the panel will be for two years at the conclusion of the selection process, to allow for a further review of the panel and its requirements before the panel is re-opened again. Barristers appointed to the panel will be required to re-apply for appointment at that time.

Barristers appointed to the panel are eligible to be briefed in the following legally aided matters:

  • All Supreme Court trials and pleas
  • Manslaughter trials and pleas
  • Matters where the trial is complex because of the nature of the charge or the defence or where significant case management is required. For example: sex slavery, fraud or money laundering charges where there are more than 30 counts and/or the total value is more than $500,000
  • Those trials involving a number of expert witnesses and identified by the trial judge as requiring significant case management pursuant to s 141 Criminal Procedure Act 1986
  • Where the trial length is estimated at 20 days or more
  • Where the brief of evidence is more than 5,000 pages
  • All terrorism matters
  • Where there are multiple complainants and/or multiple defendants in sexual assault trials

The panel arrangements will not apply to other matters not covered by the panel. The policy requiring solicitors to instruct Public Defenders, if available, will continue to apply.

Current panel members need to apply for reappointment if they wish to continue to be briefed in complex criminal law matters. These barristers will have been contacted by email providing further information.

Panel barristers who want to confirm whether they have to apply for reappointment can contact Professional Practices on (02) 9219 5662 or at

All applications must be submitted through the Panels Application Website by Wednesday, 11 October 2017 for consideration by the Selection Committee.

Information about the panel is available on the Complex Criminal Law Barrister Panel web page and contains the following:

  • Information for current panel members applying for reappointment
  • Information for new applicants
  • Practice standards
  • Service agreement

More information about how to submit an application is available at the following web pages:

For any enquiries regarding the panel please email

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