IBA Conference Sydney 2017: transferable tickets discount offer ends 31 August.

Tue Aug 29 2017

Members wishing to attend the International Bar Association (IBA) Conference in Sydney (8 - 13 October) have until 31 August to take advantage of the IBA's transferable ticket offer, which is open to chambers with no more than 20 barristers.

Under the offer, a ticket to the conference can be shared among members of the same chambers on different days of the conference. In other words, one member of a chambers can attend on one day, a different member of the same chambers on another day and so on for the duration of the conference.

All the person attending on the second or subsequent days of the conference needs to do is go to the conference registration desk at the start of the day they are attending so that the name on the ticket can be changed to their name for that day.

This special transferable ticket can only be purchased online. To register for the conference and to buy a transferable ticket before 31 August, visit this page of the conference website.

When going through the online registration and ticket purchasing steps, to take advantage of this offer, you must select the box that says "Australian law firms or chambers with 20 lawyers or less". This box appears at the end of the registration/ticket purchase process.

Please note that:

  • this IBA offer is open only to chambers with no more than 20 barristers,
  • the offer is available to both IBA members and non-members,
  • the transferable ticket cannot be used by members of different chambers, and
  • this offer expires on 31 August.
  • Finally, members who are not able to take advantage of the transferable ticket option can still take advantage of the overall early bird booking deadline which also ends on 31 August.
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