The Kurdiji Project seeks donations to help tackle the problem of indigenous suicide

Thu Apr 20 2017

Three aboriginal people a week in this country commit suicide, and an indigenous person is four times more likely to take their own life than a non-indigenous person. Despite millions of dollars spent by non-indigenous mental health organisations on this problem, the suicide rates in Aboriginal Australia continue to climb. Indigenous elders have been saying for years that reconnection with culture is the key to preventing suicides.

Now a Warlpiri community in the Tanami desert is tackling the problem of indigenous suicide. They’re creating a suicide prevention app based on stories, ceremonies and law. The project is community-initiated and community-led, with indigenous elders providing all of the app’s content. Kurdiji 1.0 is designed to reconnect young Aboriginal people with language, kinship, ceremony and law – no matter where they live.

The ideas of Kurdiji (“shield” in Warlpiri) have been used to increase resilience and prevent suicide in Aboriginal communities for thousands of years. The suicide rate across indigenous Australia is now at an epidemic level – it’s time we invested in Aboriginal solutions.

The project aims to raise AUD $280,000 to cover the costs of app development and clinical trials.

No Aboriginal child should have to question whether life is worth living.

The project is asking for donations - to its crowdfunding campaign, or to the project directly . Even small contributions make a big difference. You can find out more about the project, and watch the video (with Uncle Jack Charles) on the GoFundMe page: or the website: Or connect with us via Facebook. Those interested in donating directly can email the Project to obtain further information.

Support for the Project will help empower Aboriginal communities and save young indigenous lives.

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