Francis Forbes Society - 2019 Forbes Lecture and support of research projects

Fri May 31 2019

On Wednesday 5 June 2019 Professor Anne Twomey (Professor of Constitutional Law, University of Sydney) will deliver the 2019 Forbes Lecture, titled 'Pitt Cobbett - A Pre-Engineer's Ghost Speaks from the Grave'. Click here for further information.

In Spence v Queensland, the High Court recently referred to the whispers of the pre-Engineers ghosts. One of those ghosts is Pitt Cobbett, a former Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Sydney who died on the last day of Sir Samuel Griffith's term as Chief Justice. Cobbett wrote a great opus on the Constitution but its publication was frustrated by the Engineers Case and the new constitutional order it created. A century after Cobbett's death, his work is about to be published and his voice heard from the grave. Join Cobbett's successor, Professor Anne Twomey, as she explores what is surprising and what we can learn from Cobbett's century-old understanding of the Constitution.

The lecture will take place at 5.15 pm in Court 13A in the Law Courts Building. Again, everyone is welcome to attend.

One of the Society’s objects is to encourage and promote research into Australian legal history and it maintains a fund for that purpose to which donations may be made – the Francis Forbes Fund. The Society was able to support Professor Twomey’s project to publish Pitt Cobbett's grand opus called ‘The Government of Australia’ through the Fund and is delighted to note that this important work is be published.

The Society through the Fund also supported, in part, a research project by Dr J.M. Bennett and Ronald C Solomon which resulted in the recently published monograph ‘Sir Francis Villeneuve Smith, Third Chief Justice of Tasmania 1870 – 1855’ (for more information about this monograph, see ) The Society encourages donations to enable us to continue to support such worthy projects (donations of $2.00 or more are tax deductible) – a form for donations is available here: Forbes Fund Donation Form and on the web site at DONATIONS

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