National Pro Bono Resource Centre online survey

Mon Oct 22 2007

The National Pro Bono Resource Centre is conducting a survey on the pro bono activities of barristers in New South Wales, being part of a national survey of all lawyers. The survey, endorsed by the Australian Bar Association, is being conducted by the National Pro Bono Resource Centre (NPBRC) and is able to be completed on line in approximately 10 minutes. Moreover, as a measure of our thanks for taking part in the survey,�six bottles of Wirra Wirra Church Block 2004 red wine will be given to the respondent in�New South Wales�who provides the best answer to the competition question: What is a collective noun for a group of pro bono lawyers?

NPBRC is an Australian Independent, non profit organization that encourages pro bono legal services and helps lawyers help the neediest of the needy. It is based in the UNSW Law Faculty and is conducting this national survey of lawyers and their pro bono activities in three parties in each state and territory: a survey of individual solicitors, law firms and barristers. � Information collected in these surveys will be published by the centre and available to each Bar association. It is proposed to hold these surveys every�two years so as to provide a longitudinal picture of pro bono activity. Further information about the project, such as the results of the initial survey in Qld may be found on the NPBRC web site. � Data collected in the survey will be used not only by the NPBRC but by the NSW Bar:

  • to provide information to the public about the great contribution barristers make to helping those in need;
  • to improve accessibility to pro bono services to those persons who need them;
  • to provide information to government about the pro bono contribution barristers make to help them to develop�policy and to set appropriate funding levels for legal aid services;
  • to raise the visibility amongst barristers of pro bono work and encourage others to participate; and
  • to identify barriers and constraints to delivery of pro bono legal services with a view to reducing these.

Complete the survey on the pro bono activities of barristers in New South Wales�>

If you would like to discuss the survey or have any questions about participation, please contact the Mr Alastair McConnachie at the Bar Association on (02) 9232 4055 or the Project Officer at the NPBRC, Olivia Wellesley-Cole on (02) 9385 7381

13 December 2007


Women Lawyers Achievement Awards announced

Mon Oct 22 2007

The Gala Presentation Dinner for the 2007 NSW Women Lawyers Achievement Awards was held at the Hilton Hotel on Friday, 19 October.�

The recipients were:

  • Juliet Bourke, partner, Aequus Partners: Most Outstanding Contribution by a Member;
  • Stephanie Pursely, consultant, Freehills: Private or Corporate Lawyer Award;
  • Anna Cody, director, Kingsford Legal Centre: 2007 Government or Community Lawyer Award; and
  • Julia Grix, solicitor, Legal Aid Commission of NSW: 2007 Young Lawyer Award.

The awards were supported by the Attorney-General’s Department of NSW, the Bar Association of NSW, the Law Society of NSW, and the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency.

WLA NSW also announced the Hon Justice Jane Mathews AO as its official patron.� Her Honour also received the�2007 Lifetime Achievement Award. She is only the second woman lawyer to be presented with this prestigious Award by WLA NSW. WLA NSW presented its first Lifetime Achievement Award to the Honourable Mary Gaudron QC, the patron of Australian Women Lawyers, in 2002.

For further information, visit the WLA NSW web site or�contact Kathryn McKenzie, Executive Officer, on (02) 4392 1185 or at, for further information and enquiries.

22 October 2007

Position vacant: New South Wales District Court

Mon Oct 22 2007

$287,900 per annum plus conveyance allowance of $19,800 per annum

The Hon John Hatzistergos MLC, attorney general, is seeking expressions of interest from qualified persons for appointment as a judge of the District Court of NSW under the District Court Act 1973.

Selection Criteria: Interested persons must be either current or former judicial officers or Australian lawyers of at least�seven years’ standing and should be conversant with the law and procedures applied in the District Court of NSW.

Inquiries: The Hon Justice R O Blanch AM, chief judge, District Court of NSW, (02) 9377 5821, or Mr Laurie Glanfield, director general, Attorney General’s Department of NSW, (02) 9228 7313.

Expressions of interest, accompanied by a detailed curriculum vitae and the names of at least two referees, should be e-mailed to by 9 November 2007.� Expressions of interest may also be posted to the statutory appointments officer, Attorney General’s Department of NSW, GPO Box 6, Sydney NSW 2001.

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22 October 2007

Appointments to the New South Wales Local Court

Fri Oct 19 2007

Michael John Connell, Geoffrey Graeme Hiatt and Brian John van Zuylen have been appointed as magistrates and as mining wardens,�effective 5 November 2007. Details of the swearing in ceremony will be announced when known.

19 October 2007

Changes to the passage of legislation in the NSW Legislative Assembly

Thu Oct 18 2007

Changes have been made to the way in which legislation passes through this state's lower house, the Legislative Assembly. After a Bill is introduced the member responsible for the Bill gives an agreement in principle speech (formerly the second reading speech), outlining the purpose of and reasons for the Bill.

The agreement in principle debate is adjourned, usually for at least five days. Amendments may be moved to the question for a bill to be agreed to in principle - in order for the house to obtain further information (for example, by referring the bill to a committee for consideration and report). At the conclusion of that debate, if no member requests that the bill be considered in detail and if no motion is moved "That the Bill be not passed" the speaker will declare the Bill to have passed the Legislative Assembly.

For further information, visit the New South Wales Parliament web site >

18 October 2007

Legislation to note: changes to the Bail Act and appointments of crown law officers

Thu Oct 18 2007

Crown Law Officers Legislation Amendment (Abolition of Life Tenure) Bill 2007 An Act to amend the Director of Public Prosecutions Act 1986, the Crown Prosecutors Act 1986, the Public Defenders Act 1995 and the Solicitor General Act 1969 to make further provision for the term of office of appointees under those Acts; and for other purposes.

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Bail Amendment Bill 2007 The object of this Bill is to amend the Bail Act 1978: (a) to create a presumption against bail in respect of certain serious firearms offences, and (b) to limit the number of applications in relation to bail that may be made to a court by a person accused of an offence, and (c) for statute law revision purposes.

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18 October 2007

Appointments: Workers Compensation Commision, Supreme and District courts

Thu Oct 18 2007

The Hon Timothy Studdert QC has been appointed as an acting judge of the Supreme Court of New South Wales for the period commencing on 5 November 2007 and expiring on 4 November 2008.

Mr Neil Ferguson McLauchlan QC has been appointed�as an acting judge of the District Court of New South Wales for the period commencing on 18 October 2007 and expiring on 30 June 2008.

Mr Gregory Michael Keating, solicitor,�has been appointed as president of the New South Wales Workers Compensation Commission and as a judge of the District Court.

18 October 2007

New titles in the Bar Library

Wed Oct 17 2007

1.�Law of partnership in Australia / Keith L Fletcher, 9th ed, 2007, N267/FLE/2007 2.�Byles on bills of exchange and cheques / Nicholas Elliott, John Odgers, Jonathan Mark Phillips, 28th ed, 2007, N306.2/BYL/2007 3.�Regulation of international finance / Philip R Wood, 2007, C222/WOO/2007/R

4.�Annotated model rules of professional conduct / Center for Professional Responsibility, American Bar Association, 6th ed, 2007, L82/AME/2007 5.�Professional liability in Australia / Stephen Walmsley, Alister Abadee and Ben Zipser, 2nd ed, 2007, N33.33/WAL/2007 6.�Assessing damages in injuries and deaths of minor children / Thomas R Ireland and John O Ward, 2002, N37.1.G1/IRE/2002 7.�The trial lawyer : what it takes to win / David Berg, 2006, L93.G1/BER/2007 8.�Pleading for change : managing litigation by managing information / Christopher Enright, 2007, N381/ENR/2007 9.�The nine : inside the secret world of the Supreme Court / Jeffrey Toobin, 2007, L240.1.G1/TOO/2007 10.�The Mason papers : selected articles and speeches by Sir Anthony Mason / Anthony Mason ; Geoffrey Lindell (ed), 2007, M141.2/MAS/2007 11.�Advocacy training kit : the adversarial process / University of Western Sydney, Robert Hayes and Francine Feld, 2006, L93/UNI/2006 12.�Law of criminal attempt / Eugene Meehan and John N Currie, 2nd ed, 2000, M509/MEE/2000 13.�Law of administrators and receivers of companies / Gavin Lightman and Gabriel Moss, 4th ed, 2007, N312.4/LIG/2007 14.�Law and the human body : property rights, ownership and control / Rohan Hardcastle, 2007, N185.5/HAR/2007

17 October 2007

Tonight: Women Barristers Forum cocktail evening

Tue Oct 16 2007

Women Barristers Forum�invite you to a cocktail evening to celebrate the appointment of Margaret Cunneen SC and Sophie Goddard SC.

Where: the moonshadow grill, Lobby level, MLC Centre, Martin Place, Sydney Date:�Tonight, 1 November 2007� Time: 5.30pm-8pm

Contact Kerrie Leotta for information and registration

1 November�2007

Papers to note: Justice in Conflict? The International Criminal Court and Peace Processes in Africa

Tue Oct 16 2007

The International Criminal Court is now investigating or prosecuting individuals involved in three of the most devastating conflicts in Africa – Darfur, northern Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). In each case, the ICC has been forced to confront the challenges inherent in pursuing peace and justice simultaneously. What happens - and what should happen - when efforts to prosecute perpetrators of mass atrocities coincide with a peace process?

"Justice in Conflict? The International Criminal Court and Peace Processes in Africa",�was presented by Nick Grono and Adam O'Brien, at the Royal African Society on 11 October 2007.

16 October 2007

Speeches to note: Preventing Mass Atrocities , by Gareth Evans

Tue Oct 16 2007

Is state sovereignty is a license to kill, or can military intervention be a legitimate response when a state fails in its "responsibility to protect" citizens from�mass atrocities? This speech was the keynote address by Gareth Evans, president, International Crisis Group and co-chair, International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty, to United Nations University/International Crisis Group Conference on "Prevention of Mass Atrocities: From Mandate to Realisation", New York, 10 October 2007.

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17 October 2007

New Bar Quality Advisory Panel formed

Tue Oct 16 2007

The Bar Council of England and Wales has announced the formation of�a new advisory panel to help "maintain the Bar's reputation for excellence in legal advice and representation".

The Bar Quality Advisory Panel - BQAP - is a non-disciplinary body that will receive referrals about a member of the Bar's performance from judges, instructing solicitors and barristers on the same legal team. The panel will then be able to advise the member of the Bar concerned about his or her work, and how to improve things for the future. More information>

16 October 2007

District Court Practice Note 7: Management of Country Circuit Lists

Mon Oct 15 2007

The chief judge of the District Court, the Hon Justice RO Blanch, has issued a practice note, which sets a�state-wide standard of four weeks for the prosecution to file an indictment. The court will institute a telephone callover system, which will apply to all country venues except Lismore, Newcastle and East Maitland, Gosford and Wollongong.

View Practice Note No.7 >

15 October 2007

Greg Keating appointed to the District Court

Mon Oct 15 2007

Mr Gregory Michael Keating, solicitor,�has been appointed as a judge of the District Court of New South Wales, effective 5 November 2007. Details of the swearing in ceremony will be announced when known.

15 October 2007

American Bar Association: It

Mon Oct 15 2007

The president of the American Bar Association, William Neukom,�has urged Congress to override the US Justice Department’s torture memos�and a July 2007 White House executive order that make torture legal in everything but name. View the statement from the ABA>

15 October 2007

A notice from the Federal Magistrates Court

Mon Oct 15 2007

The Federal Magistrates Court has issued a notice to practitioners setting out the expectations and requirements of practitioners and parties in respect of the first court date in general law (non- migration) cases listed in Sydney.

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15 October 2007

Review of the role of the CDPP in the Dr Haneef case

Mon Oct 15 2007

A review of the role of the Office of The Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions in the Dr�Haneef case has been completed. The review confirmed the position outlined in the media release of 27 July as to errors of fact. The information from overseas about where the SIM card was located changed during the course of the rapidly evolving investigation and that change was not appreciated by the prosecutor at the time. The position in relation to the residence of Dr Haneef in the UK was based on material provided to the DPP.

View the media release of 12 October>

15 October 2007

Updated ASIO guidelines

Mon Oct 15 2007

On Friday, 12 October, the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) was issued with new guidelines by Attorney-General Philip Ruddock relating to the organisation's functions of obtaining intelligence relevant to security and politically motivated violence. The guidelines set out the attorney-general's expectations of ASIO in the performance of its functions, including the collection and handling of personal information.

View the guidelines>� | View the attorney-general's media release>

15 October 2007