The Bar Association supports beyondblue's Anxiety and Depression Awareness Month

Tue Sep 25 2007

The recent report from Beaton consulting and beyondblue regarding the mental health in the legal profession�is the cause of�considerable concern. The Bar Association supports the Anxiety and Depression Awareness (ADA) Month during October to raise awareness of anxiety and depression and help reduce the associated stigma.

Anxiety and Depression Awareness Month Kits from beyondblue have been ordered for each chambers and will be distributed soon.

27 September 2007

SA Bar Association election results

Tue Sep 25 2007

The new South Australian Bar Association office bearers are:

President:�Mr Dick Whitington QC�������������������������������� Secretary: Mr Sam Doyle������������������������ Treasurer: Mr Malcolm Blue QC������

Executive Committee

Mr Arturo Dal Cin Mr David Edwardson QC Mr Henry Heuzenroeder Ms Noelle Hurley Mr John Ibbotson Mr Mark Livesey QC Ms Arlene Macdonald Mr Nicholas Niarchos Ms Maurine Pyke QC Mr Ian Robertson Mr Neville Rochow� Mr Paul Slattery QC�� Ms Shane Spence������������������������������ Mr Jonathan Wells QC����

25 September 2007

Listings of bankruptcy matters in the Federal Court

Tue Sep 25 2007

From 2 October 2007, matters filed in the original jurisdiction of the Federal Court under the Bankruptcy Act 1966 will be made returnable on a Wednesday at 9am in the Law Courts Building, Queens Square, Sydney before a registrar. Any matters that require a hearing by a judge will be referred to either the duty judge on that Wednesday or allocated to a judge’s docket in the usual course. View the Federal Court notice>

25 September 2007

Papers to note: Human Rights Watch report on US sex offender laws

Tue Sep 25 2007

In the United States, “Megan’s Laws” have established online registries to provide the criminal history, current photograph, current address, and place of employment of those convicted of sexual offences, especially those committed�against children.

No Easy Answers: Sex Offender Laws in the US, by Human Rights Watch,�argues�that these laws are ill-considered, poorly crafted and often cause more harm than good.

Download a copy of the report (NB the report is 146 pages) >��

A copy of the report is held in the Bar Library.

25 September 2007

Speeches to note: Australia's Contribution to the Common Law

Mon Sep 24 2007

In this�speech, which�was delivered at the Singapore Academy of Law on 20 September,�the Hon A M Gleeson AC, chief justice of Australia,�asserts that the High Court does not pursue "self-consciously any intellectual or political fashion."

The court, he said,�has "always been in the mainstream of the common law tradition, and its decisions generally have been in line with decision of its counterparts elsewhere." He cites examples, which show it "acting sometimes creatively and sometimes traditionally, sometimes boldly and sometimes cautiously, but in all cases consistently in the application of a judicial method [and] in the mainstream of the common law tradition".� View the chief justice's speech>

24 September 2007

Statement of Status for admission to another jurisdiction

Mon Sep 24 2007

When a person moves their principal place of practice to another state/territory/country, they may be required to provide a Statement of Status from all jurisdictions in which they are admitted.

The Bar Association provides such a statement to any practitioners (current and former) requesting . There is no charge for members of the association, but a $55 fee applies to non-members even if they hold a current practising certificate.

The relevant order form is available from the Bar Association’s reception. Applicants should be aware that it can take up to three days for all the searches to be conducted and should therefore not leave their request until the last minute.

16 January 2008

Web watch: Tim Castle's Capital Punishment Database

Sat Sep 22 2007

The names, crimes and fate of the 1300 people who were sentenced to death between 1826 and 1837 are contained in Tim Castle's Capital Punishment Database, which is hosted on the Forbes Society's web site. Some were executed, and many others were reprieved by the Governor and the Executive Council only to face a term of transportation to places such as Norfolk Island or Moreton Bay. Visit the database>

24 September 2007

Papers to note: Persecution of Lawyers in Zimbabwe

Fri Sep 21 2007

As defenders of human rights, Zimbabwean�lawyers often find themselves being targets of persecution. This briefing paper by the Law Society of Zimbabwe�contains an exhaustive report of the persecution of lawyers in that country, since August 2006, which includes sustained media bashing, arbitrary arrests and detention, organized violence and torture, impeding access to clients, noncompliance with court orders, arbitrary searches of legal offices and seizures of documents. Read the briefing paper >>

21 September 2007

Web update: Mental Health Links for Lawyers

Fri Sep 21 2007

On Tuesday, 9 October 2007, New South Wales Attorney General John Hatzistergos will launch a new web site called Mental Health Links for Lawyers, in conjunction with Mental Health Week 2007. Legal Aid NSW is the lead agency for this project of the Criminal Justice Research Network.

Download an invitation in pdf >�

In Brief will publish a link to the new web site once it has been launched.

Time: 4.00pm, Tuesday 9 October 2007 Venue: McDonalds Room, State Library of NSW,�Macquarie Street, Sydney RSVP: 5 October Alexia 9219 5028 or

27 September 2007

National Pro Bono Resource Centre online survey

Fri Sep 21 2007

The National Pro Bono Resource Centre is an Australian independent, non profit organisation that encourages pro bono legal services and helps lawyers help the neediest of the needy.� It is based in the UNSW Law Faculty and is conducting in 2007 a national survey of lawyers and their pro bono activities in three parts in each State and Territory: a survey of individual solicitors, law firms and barristers.

An online survey instrument has now been released seeking responses from barristers on a range of questions relating to pro bono legal work being done in New South Wales.� This survey has been endorsed by the Australian Bar Association.

The survey is anonymous and should take participants no more than 10 minutes to complete.� It will provide valuable information to the Bar association and community at large about the pro bono work done by barristers in NSW.� Pro bono work is an important part of practice often overlooked by the public and even if you have done little or no pro bono legal work in the past 12 months, your attitude and opinions on this issue, whether negative or positive, are crucial to the success of the survey.

Information collected in these surveys will be published by the Centre and made available to each bar association.� It is proposed to hold these surveys every 2 years so as to provide a longitudinal picture of pro bono activity.

Data collected in the survey will be used:

  • To provide information to the public about the great contribution that barristers make to helping those in need.
  • To provide information to government about the pro bono contribution that barristers make (in particular areas of practice) to help them to develop policy and set funding levels for legal aid services.
  • To raise the visibility amongst barristers of the professional obligation of lawyers to undertake pro bono work, and encouraging others in the bar to do so by providing models of good practice.
  • To improve accessibility to pro bono services to those persons who need them.
  • To identify barriers and constraints to the delivery of pro bono legal services with a view to reducing or removing these.

The survey is instituted by the National Pro Bono Resource Centre and conducted in conjunction with the NSW Bar Association. The survey is available at\_NSW.asp

Members with questions regarding the survey can contact Mr Alastair McConnachie� at the Bar Association on 02 9232 4055, or the National Pro Bono Resource centre on 02 9385 7381 or for more information.

A strong response rate will be crucial to the success of the project in this state – all members are encouraged to respond.�� Moreover, as a measure of our thanks for taking part in the survey, 6 bottles of Wirra Wirra Church Block 2004 red wine will be given to the respondent in NSW who provides the best answer to the competition question� : "What is a collective noun for a group of pro bono lawyers? ", which is included in the survey .

28 September 2007

More anti-terrorism legislation

Fri Sep 21 2007

Attorney-General Philip Ruddock has welcomed the passage of the Classification (Publications, Film and Computer Games) Amendment (Terrorist Material) Bill 2007 in the Senate. The Bill amends the Classification Act so that material that advocates terrorist acts must be refused classification.�View the attorney-general's media release >� | View the Bill>

21 September 2007



Expansion of legal aid to include representation for treatment orders

Thu Sep 20 2007

The Legal Aid NSW Board has approved the expansion of the state civil law policies to include legal aid for representation before the Mental Health Review Tribunal for continued treatment orders and community treatment orders under the Mental Health Act 1990. For more information about the policy see Policy Online at 6.15.�

The board has also resolved to make legal aid available for representation in relation to the review and extension of treatment orders under the Drug and Alcohol Treatment Act 2007 pilot which commenced from 1 September 2007 for a period of 12 months. For full details of the policy please refer to paragraph 6.17 of Policy Online.

20 September 2007

Felons, Mutineers and Other Learned Friends

Thu Sep 20 2007

Michael Slattery QC and representatives of the Francis Forbes Society for Australian Legal History held a�reception in the Boardroom yesterday to formally accept a copy of Felons, Mutineers and Other Learned Friends, a PhD thesis about the history of the Australian Bars.

The thesis, by Catherine Douglas, traces and compares the development of the Bar as an institution in the Australian colonies from 1788 until 1856. One of Catherine’s aims was to integrate the large body of secondary sources focused on the legal profession or an individual colony or a particular lawyer.�

Another of her aims is to ‘capture the excitement, passion and pathos encountered at every turn in reviewing the early history of the colonial advocates who played such a fundamental role in the foundation of the Australian colonies’.

A copy of Catherine's thesis is held in the Bar Library.

20 September 2007

New PhD scholarships available in the Faculty of Law, UNSW

Thu Sep 20 2007

The UNSW Faculty of Law is offering two scholarships for candidates to undertake PhD studies in the faculty. The scholarships will be available from the beginning of 2008.

Applications will be considered from persons who wish to undertake the PhD program on a full-time basis in any area relevant to the Faculty of Law (which comprises the School of Law and the Australian School of Taxation), including interdisciplinary projects. The scholarships will be awarded on the basis of academic merit, referees’ assessments, and research experience and potential. The availability of appropriate supervision will also be taken into account. The deadline for applications is 31 October 2007 �Visit the UNSW web site for more information >>

20 September 2007

Judicial Appointments Commission Candidate Roadshows

Thu Sep 20 2007

Some jurisdictions in Australia now advertise for appointments to judicial office. In the United Kingdom, an even more radical�concept is being implemented: candidate roadshows.

The Bar Council of England and Wales announced on its web site that he Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC) will launch a new series of candidate roadshows.

"These free, interactive sessions are designed to inform and encourage individuals interested in pursuing a judicial career. Each hour and a half-long group session is aimed at anyone who is eligible to hold judicial office. This includes current office holders looking to move up the judicial ladder and those thinking about their first judicial appointment. These free events are held regularly through out the year, and have proven to be a popular source of information about the new judicial application processes. Given the wide range of appointments available, the events are also open to non-legal participants seeking tribunal appointments."

For further information about judicial roadshows, visit�

20 September 2007

Diarise for next week: Supreme Court Concert on Monday, 24 September 2007

Thu Sep 20 2007

On�Monday, 24 September, please join us for the Sixth Annual Supreme Court Concert and a chance to hear beautiful music and some truly outstanding performers. The programme will feature the works of Mozart, Handel, Donizetti, Ravel and Palmer performed by Deborah Riedel, Paul Ferris and Cameron Hill.

Meet at 5.15pm for drinks & canap�s in the foyer of Banco Court on Level 13 of the Supreme Court, followed by the concert from 6.15pm to 7.30pm.

Don’t miss out!� There are still seats available. Please book without delay.

Tickets are only $55 per person, and include all refreshments.��Contact Mari Finter on ph(02) 9230 8798 to reserve your seats.�Admission is by ‘names at the door’ on the evening, and your cheque should be made payable to ‘Supreme Court Concert’.

To ensure your reservation, please post your cheque right away to “Supreme Court Concert, GPO Box 3, Sydney 2001”, or deliver it to Mari Finter on Level 8 of the Supreme Court.

Celebrate! Come and enjoy your first Spring concert for 2007!

20 September 2007

Appearing in section 34 conferences in the Land and Environment Court of NSW

Thu Sep 20 2007

The Hon Justice Brian J Preston, chief judge, Land and Environment Court and Mary Walker will present�a seminar on the dispute resolution model under s34 of the _Land & Environment Court Act 1979.�_The seminar will also cover:�the process followed by commissioners at a s34 conciliation conference; preparation for a s34 conciliation conference; directions, documents and outcomes. For more information, download a flyer.

This seminar will commence at 5.15pm and take place in the NSW Bar Association Common Room (Lower Ground Floor, Selborne Chambers, 174 Phillip Street, Sydney, NSW 2000).

20 September 2007

NSW Government reviews legislation to stop graffiti vandalism

Wed Sep 19 2007

The NSW Government is reviewing all legislation to stop graffiti vandalism, including consideration of a complete ban on the sale of aerosol paint.

The aim of the review is to determine:

  • whether the policy objectives of the legislation to reduce graffiti remain valid
  • whether the terms of the legislation remain appropriate for securing those objectives, and
  • the costs and benefits of the legislation.

The review will assess and examine the operation, effectiveness and implications of the following legislation:

  • Crimes Act 1900�
  • Summary Offences Act 1988
  • Local Government Act 1993�
  • Rail Safety (General) Regulation 2003
  • Children (Community Service Orders) Act 1987�
  • Crimes (Administration of Sentences) Act 1999�
  • Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act 1999

The review will also assess and examine the feasibility, effectiveness and potential implications of a complete ban on the sale of aerosol paint in NSW, including its usage, points of purchase and any impacts on business and employment.

The NSW Attorney General’s Department invites interested individuals and organisations to make written submissions to the review.

Submissions should be sent to the manager, policy and analysis, Crime Prevention Division, NSW Attorney General’s Department, GPO Box 6, Sydney NSW 2001 or emailed to:

The closing date for submissions is 31 October 2007.

19 September 2007

Women Lawyers Gala Presentation Dinner

Wed Sep 19 2007

Nominations for�the NSW Women Lawyers Achievement Awards 2007 have closed.� The winners will be announced on 19 October at the NSW Women Lawyers' Gala Presentation Dinner at the Hilton Sydney. Invitations and further details will be�available shortly.

The president of the NSW Bar Association, Michael Slattery QC, and the former president of the Law Society of NSW, Geoff Dunlevy, have been welcomed as the first associate members of the WLANSW. The competition for the first ten male lawyers to sign up for associate membership will close on 30 September 2007.

For further information contact Kathryn McKenzie, executive officer, on (02) 4392 1185 or at�

19 September 2007

Legislation to note

Wed Sep 19 2007

Communications Legislation Amendment (Crime or Terrorism Related Internet Content) Bill 2007

Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs and Other Legislation Amendment (Emergency Response Consolidation) Bill 2007

Tax Laws Amendment (Taxation of Financial Arrangements) Bill 2007

Veterans' Entitlements Amendment (Disability, War Widow and War Widower Pensions) Bill 2007

Aged Care Amendment (Securing the Future of Aged Care for Australians) Bill 2007

Cross-Border Insolvency Bill 2007

Amendments to Defence Legislation Amendment Bill 2007